Premium URL Shortener v5.6.5 NULLED – link shortening script (URL)

Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script that is packed with many unique features. It has been built from the start with performance in mind. Some features include geographic targeting, premium membership, a powerful dashboard and admin panel and a set of CMS tools to help you build your dreams. Apart from that, it gets better with every update!

Direct Demo (5.6) URL Shortener v5.6.5 NULLED

You can test the script using the following credentials. This is the admin and user account. After logging in, just click “Admin” at the top to access the admin panel. Please note that the demo will be reset every week.

Free User Accounts

Email / Username: [email protected] / user

Password: userpass

Admin Account

Email / Username: [email protected] / admin

Password: adminpass

Some Extraordinary Features URL Shortener v5.6.5 NULLED

Environmentally friendly

This script is now much more social friendly. All pages have their own thumbnails, unique titles, descriptions, and video embed codes (Youtube only). Want to try it? Share this URL on Facebook and note the thumbnail, title, description, video, and URL:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With an extended license, the script changes to the SaaS platform and automatically manages all payments through Stripe.

New Team Features

The new team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as the team. It’s perfect for collaboration!

Link Bundles & Rotators

The bundle feature allows you to regroup several links and will produce you a special link where you can send it to people. That special link will allow them to see all the links in the bundle and use them. This new feature allows the bundle to act as a rotator. Special links will rotate links randomly and will send users to short links in bundles.

jQuery Driven With Fallback

URL shortening scripts are created using the powerful jQuery javascript library. Amazing effects have been added to provide an amazing user experience while several sophisticated techniques have been used to make your website spam free. The script automatically uses fallback when javascript is disabled.

New Splash Page

The script now automatically creates a special page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc. (See Demo). Users can now create special splash pages and this can be a paid feature (See Demo).

Personal Service

Do you want to use this script for your own purposes? No problem. Simply activate the private options in the admin panel and only you and all accounts that you have created will be able to access the site and use its features.

URL Bookmark System with Bookmarklets

The URL is automatically associated with the registered user and stored in their account for future access. Users can now drag the bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks bar and instantly shorten the URL of the site they are viewing.

Anonymous User History (new)

Anonymous users can now track their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can be easily activated or deactivated from the admin panel.

Facebook Connect and Twitter Login

Users can now log in instantly using their Facebook or Twitter account.

Easy translation

You can easily translate this script to whatever language you want by using the default language manager. Make new translations, edit old ones or even delete them with the click of a button. Everything is now automatically meaning that the language will be added to the menu immediately.

Geographic Targeting System

Users can choose to direct visitors to other pages using their location. This option can be disabled from the admin panel.

Advanced API System

A powerful API system requires users to authenticate using the unique API key that is associated with them at registration. All URLs generated by registered users are automatically saved in their account. The API system can generate in JSON, JSONP (useful when requesting using javascript) or text formats.

ReCaptcha URL & Plugin Attestation

An extensive URL validation and filtering system gives you peace of mind. Some options are already in it to automatically deactivate “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds) so they are not processed by the system. The script also comes with reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha. If enabled, the Captcha system will only be shown to anonymous users (unregistered users).

Full-featured Administration Panel

A strong administration panel gives you total control on your website. This gives you the ability to manage special URLs, users and pages. You can also control all features from the admin panel by activating or deactivating them by clicking the button. You can control Ads, reCaptcha, Frames, System APIs, User Registration, URL Filtration, Themes and Maintenance and much more.

Responsive Templates with the default Template Editor

You can easily edit the layout and theme to suit your needs with the new in-script editor. The template has been tested on all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Fast & Easy Installer

A powerful, fast and easy installer to create your website in one minute. You don’t need to bother throwing away SQL files and editing PHP files. It provides step by step installation of this software.

Extensive documentation

Extensive and comprehensive documentation helps you understand all aspects of your website.

Free Support

As a buyer of our products, you are entitled to premium support. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them. Also if you need quick instructions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please don’t forget to follow us and rate this cool script :). For development & adjustments, please visit

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